December 2023 Microsoft CSP monthly update

Festive greetings from CAE!

As we reflect on 2023, we would like to thank you for your unwavering support, commitment, and partnerships. We are confident that you have been following the excitement around Microsoft’s latest innovations entering the market. As we send our best wishes for this festive season and a prosperous New Year, we want to assure you that CAE is here to provide all the support you need during this period.

Embracing Microsoft NCE 

Keeping to the theme of holidays, we take this opportunity to remind you of the changes coming to the Microsoft CSP Legacy Pricing model that will be taking an extended holiday period and will be start to be retired in January 2024. The Microsoft CSP Legacy has previously been extended for Non-Profit, Education and Government customers and will be replaced with the New Commerce Experience (NCE) alongside dedicated Public Sector pricing offers.

Why should I move from CSP Legacy to New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your subscriptions, you might want to move to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) from Microsoft. It’s essentially a newer model that gives you more benefits than the current one. Here’s what you can expect from NCE –

  • Choose how long you want to commit – With NCE, you can sign up for either annual or monthly terms, and switch them and the end of each term, thus giving you more control over your renewals and budget.
  • Lock in your price for a year – If you opt for an annual term, you can enjoy stable pricing for the whole year. That means no more worrying about price changes or fluctuations.
  • Adjust your licenses every month – Still prefer a monthly term? You can still enjoy the flexibility of adding or removing licenses as your needs change. Although you will pay more for this, you’ll have more freedom to scale up or down.
  • Update your subscriptions anytime – With NCE, you can upgrade your subscriptions in the middle of a term and get the seats assigned automatically. No more need to wait until the end of the term or contact support!

When do I move?

You might want to act soon, because starting January 2024, Microsoft will automatically move all CSP Legacy users to an annual NCE subscription. If you allow your CSP legacy subscription to auto renew there will be a 7-day exchange window at the start of the NCE term period where you can make changes, after this you will be committed to the annual term period. You will only be able to make seat decreases during this 7-day period.

Looking to move to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience? Contact us and we’ll help you with the transition.

Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot


The introduction M365 Copilot remains limited to enterprise customers only. The release of copilot across commercial customers is highly anticipated and for some, cannot come soon enough, however preparing properly for this new technology is a must. CAE can help you from understanding the basics of Copilot and AI and build awareness in your business, through to assessments and deployments to help you get ready.

Celebrating the first year of Copilot with significant new innovations - The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Earlier in September, Microsoft announced that its bringing two of its powerful products, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights, under one name – Customer Insights. The new platform will now help you create personalise customer journeys and make data-driven decisions. You won’t lose any of the features from the original products, but will be renamed to Customer Insights – Journeys and Customer Insights – Data respectively. If you are already a customer of either product, you can keep using them as before and renew your licences separately until 31st August, 2024.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft recently introduced some new features and improvements for Viva, a platform that helps you create a better work experience for your people. The updates include a refreshed landing experience for Viva Connections, a new ServiceNow dashboard card, and more.

Microsoft also announced new features for Viva Goals, Viva Connections, and Viva Topics. The updates include a new Viva Connections dashboard customisation, navigation updates for Viva Engage iOS and Android apps, and a live people card within Viva.

Expansion of Microsoft Viva: Microsoft has expanded the Viva with new apps and services that help companies address the three business imperatives from their latest Work Trend Index Pulse Report, to empower and energise employees to do meaningful work in an uncertain economic environment.

Overview: Viva Connections | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Adoption and Change Management SpecialisationCAE earned the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialisation

CAE Technology Services has joined the exclusive club of Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialists. This means that we have been recognised by Microsoft for our ability to provide top-tier adoption and change management services, guiding our customers through the complexities of digital transformation, and helping them to seamlessly integrate Microsoft solutions into their business processes.

CAE is committed to delivering technology can transform lives and experiences. Each accreditation we receive marks another step forward in our journey of growth and development. 

CAE earns Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialisation (

Microsoft is always working on new and exciting ways to make technology more accessible and useful for everyone. Until then, stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Microsoft. We will continue to keep you updated of the developments and rest assured, CAE Technology Services is well positioned to ensure a seamless deployment within your organisation.


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