3 simple tips to clean up your desktop

This January is National Clean up your Computer Month, so as the New Year starts we share our 3 simple tips to clean up your Microsoft desktop…and keeping it clear from clutter!

We are all guilty of hoarding files on our desktop. From screenshots to files, It’s easy to keep items stored on your desktop, quick to save them there and in theory, easy to find. But there comes a point when looking for that one file on your screen is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Move away from your desktop

When you save a file to your desktop, it uses the operating memory. This impacts the speed in which your 

Move away from desktop

computer runs. If you’ve noticed your computer is a bit sluggish, it could be due to the amount of files you have saved on your desktop.

The quickest way to speed things up is move all your files off your desktop and into the “my documents” folder. From there you can organise and label folders and files and save them in the correct place, not back onto your desktop.

Create shortcuts

You've organised files in your new digital filing system, and  now have a clean desktop. But what happens when you can't remember where you filed those all important documents? The answer - create shortcuts!

By creating shortcuts for the files you use the most on your desktop you free up the operating memory. This saves you time finding files and improves your computer response time.

Keep it clean

Keep it cleanTo avoid slipping back into old habits of desktop hoarding, set yourself monthly reminders to clear out any unnecessary files you’ve saved on your desktop and old shortcuts. If you really do need to keep some files on your desktop, instead of separate folders, put them all into one folder to save space and time searching for them.

By making a conscious effort to move those desktop files to a permanent new home will help your computer’s speed and start up time.


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