Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness


Migrating your legacy infrastructure into the Azure cloud is a significant business transformation with huge potential cost, efficiency and productivity benefits – along with expensive pitfalls and obstacles to avoid. Pre-migration planning is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful transition. Discovering where the cloud could take your business begins with fully establishing your current position.

Our Agility Intelligence Cloud Readiness Service is a simple planning tool designed to analyse your compute, storage and networking resources, and map workload components. Providing you with valuable insights into your environment, the personalised assessment can match your potential requirements to available cloud resources and suggest next steps for your Azure cloud migration strategy.

Features of the customised assessment include:

Accurate infrastructure auditing: Specialised tools conduct a fast and simple audit of your environment, offering an essential overview of your current position and potential migration obstacles.

Strategy recommendations: Suggestions and advisories assist in creating a clear Azure cloud adoption strategy and road map that meet your specific priorities and objectives.

Transparent projected costs: Assess the direct and indirect costs and benefits relating to migrating your infrastructure to the Azure cloud with 3 year cumulative Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) modelling.

Easy to read reporting: Analysing and presenting the data in an easy to digest format, the report is ideal for budget planning, as well as management and stakeholder communications.

The Agility Intelligence Cloud Readiness Assessment is provided free of charge, and includes both a report and content review session. Access to further, more detailed reporting is also available after this review session.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment for Microsoft Azure

Why hesitate?  Enquire today about The Agility Intelligence Cloud Readiness Assessment for Microsoft Azure. It’s free to run and it’s discoveries are likely to surprise you.

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Overview

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