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    Quantum Computing: From Subatomic Particles to Quantum Hackers
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    Secure, Adaptable IT in an Unpredictable World - the Rise of Software Defined
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    Webinar: The Future of a Data-Centric Architecture.
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    Govroam – Public Sector Collaboration at its Best?
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    Beyond Compliance: How NHS Trusts’ WiFi Budgets Are Future-Proofing Their Infrastructure
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    Preventing Boundaries From Becoming Barriers
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    Growth, Investment and Embracing the Northern Powerhouse
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    CAE Technology Services drives soaring overseas sales as it debuts in Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 for UK Exporters
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    Why Prioritising People Pays Off
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    Microsoft's new licensing gives charities a helping hand
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    Trophy hunting: The (customer) benefits of winning awards
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    Public Sector Support: Rent from Blockbuster or stream from Netflix?


Our top performers are over @CiscoUKI today for training. A big thanks to David Goff, Robert Woolley and teams for the great sessions! #Ciscopartners #technology #MSP #topperformers

Wouldn't it be wonderful to improve your network visibility and avoid nasty surprises? We think it would, so we're bringing you our #TechnologyTuesday - #TuesdayThoughts #Networks #CiscoChat

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