Webinar: The Future of a Data-Centric Architecture.

Viewpoint - Future of a Data-Centric Architecture

Title: Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen. The Future of a Data-Centric Architecture.
Date: Wednesday 24th October
Time: 14:00
Length: 30 min.

Join this webinar to hear how Pure Storage can enable you to build a Data-Centric Architecture, giving you the time to focus on your most important asset – the data.


Spend time putting your data to work, not wasting time managing infrastructure.

Pure’s three core principles are to keep things “Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen”. Storage that is purpose-built for the new cloud operating model within today’s businesses.

  • Effortless – Storage that just works – always on, always fast, no training required, predictive Support.
  • Efficient – Storage that does more – the best data reduction in the business with always-on non-impacting data services. All features included at no cost, even business continuity site clustering.
  • Evergreen – A data platform that gets better with age – deploy the array once and upgrade forever, never do a tech refresh or a rip & replace on a Pure array. You could almost say “the array lives forever” …

Pure has over 15,000 arrays installed across 5000 customers ranging from midsize local councils to the largest banks in the world, and everything in between.


Andre Armstrong