CAE Live 2021 – Purpose, People and Poverty – The Future of Technology 

If you have an interest in how technology is going to impact society in the future, then this is the panel discussion for you, and it’s less than an hour long.

About the event

People’s experience and lives can be transformed by technology. The rate that technology is advancing is increasing, it is becoming more intertwined in our lives and as a society we are becoming more reliant on it.

We’ve brought together a panel of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Chintan Patel (CTO, Cisco UK & Ireland) and Justin Harling (CEO, CAE Technology Services) to discuss this and more. David Meads (Chief Executive, Cisco UK & Ireland) is co-hosting alongside Richard Behan (COO, CAE Technology Services).

The panel will highlight some of the amazing technologies from the past 30 years and reflect on their socioeconomic impact before turning to the future and giving their views around some of the amazing technologies that we might see over the next 30 years.

They’ll discuss some of the challenges we’ll face with these technologies, how people will interact with them and to growing issue and impact of digital exclusion which digital poverty contributes significantly.

Kids Competition

For those with children we have a drawing or writing competition to hopefully keep them occupied while you listen to the panel discussion.

We’re giving some fantastic age group prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  The top prizes give the option of choosing either a games console (PS5, Xbox), a bike or laptop.