Secure Endpoint

Cloud-native security solution built for resilience

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Replace your legacy anti-virus completely with the Cisco Secure Endpoint. Protect your business's endpoints with this cloud-delivered endpoint protection. Stop threats in their tracks and block malware by rapidly detecting and removing threats that evade first-line defences.

Why choose Secure Endpoint?

Secure Endpoint key features include:

  • Prevention: Identify and stop attacks before they happen through risk-based vulnerability management and prevention techniques.

  • Detection: With global threat intelligence Talos, search for hidden threats, detect malware and run complex queries to gain further visibility into your endpoints.

  • Take action: With built-in XDR using Cisco SecureX,  information about your endpoints from all supported Cisco products and several supported third parties, and presents them in one unified view.

Security with superior capabilities

Simplify your endpoint security with the Cisco Secure Endpoint, bringing together EPP, EDR and XDR to deliver a comprehensive endpoint security solution.

With SecureX built in, Secure Endpoint is the ideal solution to keeping your multiple endpoints safe from attacks. 

  • Simplify your security stack
  • Reduce agent fatigue
  • Achieve XDR, SASE and zero-trust outcomes by consolidating endpoint, cloud and remote access users in a single source of truth

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