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The future of rapid device provisioning.

Fully utilise an automation and orchestration offering

What is Nucleus?

As part of our automation and orchestration portfolio, here at CAE Labs we've developed a highly scalable yet simple offering, we call this - Nucleus. Built to enable effortless infrastructure provisioning and adoption of Cisco Enterprise and Cisco Meraki technology. We can help you focus your finite resources on real business outcomes, generate innovation and growth without the traditional network challenges. 

  • reduce risk through automating manual processes
  • increase efficiency with up to 75% reduction in engineering time
  • reduce the chance of drift and non-conformity

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The future of rapid device provisioning

Nucleus from CAE Labs addresses challenges around technology adoption by leveraging the power of the APIs on Cisco DNA Center and Meraki platforms. It enables rapid device provisioning coupled with the ability to automatically convert configurations from legacy networking devices to Catalyst and Meraki networking solutions, allowing project effort to be focused on efficiencies, increasing time to value.

Large scale deployments have always experienced challenges. With a traditional box by box configuration approach to networking, the only way to reduce time when replacing legacy infrastructure or adding new deployments is to increase the number of people assigned to a project.

There are many beneficial business outcomes that can be achieved by taking a tightly integrated approach enabled by our solution for new technology investments that fully utilise an automation and orchestration offering. These include:

  • Accessing a faster ROI – through quicker adoption of investment in technology by up to 50%
  • Elimination of costly processes and project inefficiencies – e.g., offsite technology pre-staging, higher licensing burn duration, warehousing storage costs
  • Maximise impact and minimise waste – through codification of the project approach, with measurable metrics that can be tracked throughout
  • Productivity saving of up to 95%
  • More affordable IT delivery, at a fraction of the cost 
  •  Operating model simplification


Why choose Nucleus?

Any unforeseen circumstances or errors can cause costs to spiral and deliverables to be missed. Network infrastructure projects form the foundation for larger digital transformations, so delays can cause serious knock-on impacts to product launch, market penetration and reputation.

Solving deployment problems today, tomorrow and into the future

Nucleus from CAE Labs aims to solve the problems typically associated with technology adoption, by leveraging tight and seamless integration with powerful platforms from Cisco. It enables the rapid provisioning of new infrastructure, coupled with a “first-time right” strategy that maximises project efficiencies to improve the time-to-value and time-to-delivery.