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Email Threat Defence

Augmenting M365 with advanced capabilities to protect against threats

Protect against email threats

Email remains the number one attack vector for all businesses, from small to large. A recent recommendation from Gartner is; in order to help protect against email threats, look to enhance the native M365 security capabilities through the integration of specialist 3rd part security solutions.

Cisco's solution to enhance M365 email security is the Secure Email Threat Defence. Along with some extra powerful features, the ETD solution gives you that added security layer against potential cyber attacks through your business's email platform.

Why choose Email Threat Defence (ETD)?

Email Threat Defence key features include:

  • Detects and Blocks
    With the best-in-class threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, ETD detects and blocks against email threats.

  • Complete visibility
    Provides complete visibility to inbound, outbound and internal messages.

  • Exposes targeted attacks:
    By analysing email behaviour targeted attacks are identified, with the use of ML/AI techniques.

ETD provides holistic protection against emerging and unknown threats, and can be deployed in less than 5 minutes with no disruption to email flows. ETD provides a risk-free way to test the efficacy of your existing email security with only a few minutes of effort.

Defend against the global email threats

With the ability to scale globally due to its cloud-native SaaS architecture, ETD provides deep visibility through detailed logging and message verdict exposure. All of this can be deployed within 5 minutes.

ETD leverages threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the World, ingest constant global threat indications to update the solution for the new threats as they're seen throughout the World.

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