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Intelligent energy saving, for more good days 




Cut energy use, reduce operating costs & minimise your carbon impact.

Eliminate power waste and save money in seconds

Rising energy costs are a concern in every sector. With WiserWatts, the intelligent energy saving solution from our CAE Labs innovators, you can cut your energy bills by up to 60%.

Connect our solution to your Cisco Networking Cloud (Meraki) platform, get access to rapidly push a smart power policy, and significantly reduce the power you are consuming straight away. The new measures you put in place are customisable for your needs, with no impact on your business operations.

  • No more "always on" - Save on energy costs by turning off your network services when not in use, with no impact on your operations. Your energy usage can be granularly adjusted to align with actual business needs.

  • Get set up in seconds - WiserWatts is frictionless by design, and easy to enable in a matter of seconds. See the per annum impact analysis of your power policy, and adjust it to your own specifications.

  • See the impact straight away - Your power policy will be implemented immediately, with reports and analysis available the following day on our complimentary insights platform, Network Intelligence.

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WiserWatts from CAE Labs

Experience a breakthrough in energy efficiency with WiserWatts, the cutting-edge intelligent energy-saving solution crafted by our innovative team at CAE Labs. Tackling rising energy costs across all sectors, WiserWatts empowers you to slash your energy bills by up to 60%.

Seamlessly integrate our solution with your Cisco Networking Cloud (Meraki) platform to swiftly implement a smart power policy, instantly reducing your power consumption. Tailor the new measures to your specific requirements without disrupting your business operations. WiserWatts offers a customizable, hassle-free approach to sustainable energy management.



in carbon waste and energy costs



per month

1.25 tonnes

Carbon Emissions

saved each month

Cost savings for you, carbon emission savings for the planet

CAE-WiserWatts-Final-White-Logo (002)Energy costs can be crippling, so it’s vital to reduce power waste wherever possible. WiserWatts lets you significantly reduce the energy consumed by your network infrastructure with no loss of functionality - so you can have more good days as a business.

Intelligent energy saving is also good news for your decarbonisation strategy and aids in achieving the target in place by the business. While you are saving money by reducing your kWh consumption, you can improve your sustainability credentials and work towards compliance with energy-saving guidelines and regulations.