Thermal Vision

A thermal screening solution needs more than just a smart camera.

We know that effective and scalable thermal screening needs a people first approach. We need to understand how the people move to and from the screening area and what to do with their personal data.

At CAE we’ve thought of this. We built a solution combining the best technology from Dell with smart AI driven analytics from Intellisite to deliver a solution that can be relied upon. We have brought in our colleagues from Movement Strategies to help you plan how the people will flow through the screening zone safely and at speed.

The technology is proven in high traffic areas and can fully integrate with your building and access control systems if required.

Our Thermal Vision solutions is available in two versions to make it easy to deploy regardless of the size of your site.

The mobile solution gives you an easy way to deploy a reliable, high volume screening solution at a temporary location or where mobility is needed. It has all the same AI driven analytics and power of an integrated solution but with the freedom and flexibility of a self-contained mobile offering.
The integrated solution is part of your building safety system using smart combined thermal and optical cameras to provide thermal screening at entry points throughout your building. The same AI driven analytics are used to ensure measurements are quick and accurate. The integrated solution offers further options for combining with smart building solutions, door access controls and personnel systems to fully automate detection and validation of people entering your facility.

Planning for safe movement

Temperature screening is increasingly being used as part of routine entrance processes at workplaces and venues. But one-to-one screening with handheld devices may not be practical for large numbers of people, leading to delays and build-up of queues.

CAE have built a partnership of the best technologies and leaders in the industry to help get people back safely inside your facility.

No matter what tech is used, adding new processes on entry will require people movement planning to make sure the system works, and that your visitors and staff can get through the screening zones safely and quickly, while maintaining social distance. There is not a one-size-fits all approach.

The team at Movement Strategies brings this expertise. The world leader in people movement and crowd dynamics consultancy, they have been helping governing bodies to provide people movement guidance during the pandemic, whilst also helping customers to design, deliver and operate large scale venues around the world.

The team is already helping hospitals, construction sites, retail, offices and cultural venues reopen with social distancing. These solutions can be applied to high streets, manufacturing, transport or any facility trying to operate during these difficult times.

NOTE:  Temperature screening cannot diagnose COVID, but it can help you shortlist those to test.

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