Operators of large public spaces have the same challenge in the present climate; “how do we make our space as safe as possible for people returning?”

Events in 2020 and 2021 have accelerated the need for many organisations to digitally transform, enabling change in response to previously unforeseen circumstances. Automating previous manual processes is an obvious focus area, yet typically requires integrating multiple solutions.  

Complimentary and transparent partnerships are becoming the new normal in solving the present challenge of complex capability change that needs to be evaluated and tested quickly.

As such, CAE, Dell Technologies, IntelliSite and Movement Strategies have formed an exclusive partnership to help customers enable safe and compliant location return using thermal technology as the basis to screen returning people.

The partnership is the perfect balance of pedigree, scale, expertise and agility.  

CAE Technology Services

Brings the solution together.

At CAE we are responsible for scoping the project, delivering the technology, ensuring the successful adoption and the realisation of outcomes in addition to providing support throughout the lifecycle.

Movement Strategies

Gives real human insights.

The world leader in people movement and crowd dynamics consultancy. Helping governing bodies to provide compliance standardisation and governance, whilst also helping customers to design, deliver and operate large scale venues around the world.

Dell Technologies

Provides the foundation to the solution

Dell Technologies has a long history in developing edge-based technology solutions that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning. Video analytics solutions combine the processing hardware and video analytics applications such as DeepVision by IntelliSite to enable new use cases that can benefit venues reopening.



Delivers the intelligence

A future thinking eco system partner who provides an enterprise-scale Internet of Things platform, with a proven pedigree in delivering customer outcomes across IoT, Safety & Security, and Computer Vision.

Talk to our Experts

If you have a use case where you believe requires thermal screening may be able to help talk to one of our experts. 


The use cases are wide and varied so we have a defined an outline journey to help guide you through the necessary steps to evaluate and test our automated solutions.