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We specialise in technology solutions that create safe environments for venues reopening to visitors. 

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Get started with a pilot

This solution is focused on helping our customers transition to a safe and productive workplace.

We recommend that our customers run a proof of concept to understand how the solution can be rolled out successfully across your business.

There are five steps involved in running a pilot, these include –

Step 1: Engage the CAE Partnership team to set up a remote demonstration of the solution.

Step 2: Define and agree the success measures for your business for the demonstration, agree pilot site and success criteria.

Step 3: Undertake the demonstration on-site and evaluate the pilot success.

Step 4: Consider wider return to work plan for your business to deploy the solution and engage key stakeholders.

Step 5: Deploy solution across the business to ensure safe return to work and restore employee and customer confidence.

Where You Are, We Are.

Whether you operate just in the UK or have operations across multiple counties we can support your thermal vision needs – we’ve done this for many others. With offices across the UK along with offices in Europe, the Americas and APAC, we’ve got the world covered, we’ve got you covered. 

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