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Solving retail challenges with technology has been our DNA for over 20 years. Today many of the places you shop, eat, visit or take services from are underpinned with technology delivered by CAE’s retail experts.

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Store Platform

Break free from the burden of legacy, disjointed systems.

It’s time to create a single flexible, unified platform that already meets your future needs.Retail operations have traditionally been powered by multiple disjointed systems.

As your business grows and evolves, IT management can become increasingly complex due to lack of visibility in remote IT installations along with this lack of interconnectivity. The increasingly chaotic estate requires a range of expertise across a number of locations to keep the operation running successfully.

In order to simplify your IT infrastructure, CAE can implement a complete end-to-end solution, running multiple systems within a single flexible, unified platform.

A single, integrated, system
Simplify your operations with seamless integration. CAE’s Store Platform is a simple, comprehensive IT solution for retail stores. The platform offers key infrastructure components, with seamless integration, all fully customised to your specific business needs. The Store Platform typically includes Security, Software Defined Networking, Wired & Wireless LAN, Cameras and Analytics, all controlled through a single intuitive management interface.
A robust base that evolves with your business. Built upon an open standards based programmable software foundation, the malleable infrastructure allows limitless creativity with easy integration of apps to deliver additional business value. From inventory management to web and store sales, additional functionality can be integrated into the platform with ease, along with bespoke customer-facing apps that are tailored, designed and developed to your specific requirements.
Centralised visibility & management
Monitor and control your entire network from a single dashboard. Detecting malware as it enters the network is not enough, because advanced threats don’t activate until they’ve already breached your defences. Our solutions enable you to continuously monitor your network, so you can detect dormant infections as they become active, using the latest threat intelligence.
Improved speed of deployment & ease of scaling
Scale your solution as you grow. Offering simplicity, speed and consistency of deployment at the touch of a button, the Store Platform allows you to scale at pace, supporting agile business evolution and growth, and allowing rapid reactions to changing business models and new opportunities.
Consistency across the retail estate
Ensure every store is in your desired state. A centralised approach allows you to streamline processes for improved efficiency and consistency across your entire estate. Configuration templates deliver a pre-defined desired state and ensure complete parity between your stores, minimising the need for store visits to deploy new equipment, saving time and reducing operating costs.
Automation for efficiency
Build automation into your network. Automation drives further efficiency and lowers costs - upgrades and compliance checking can occur automatically over the web, and troubleshooting tools allow problems and system failures to be diagnosed and resolved remotely. There is no need for local IT support – instead, business disruption is minimised with quick resolutions from your remote IT operations team.


Simple, secure and scalable, SD-WAN is available as a standalone solution, or as a component of the Store Platform. Either way, it provides you with the increased bandwidth required for the multitude of new devices connecting to the network – from in-store tablets to POS, IOT cameras, digital signs and customer in-store app engagement. Offering increased flexibility and efficiency, SD-WAN finds the best network route available and prioritises different traffic types based on its specific needs and thresholds, while intelligently adapting to changing performance conditions.

Offering affordable and intelligent connectivity with enhanced performance and resiliency, SD-WAN’s agile delivery also allows new-store setup in just minutes.

Wireless & Bluetooth

A robust retail Wi-Fi system allows visitors to receive customised marketing messages for an enhanced in-store experience, and Bluetooth beacon technology allows device location awareness for effective proximity marketing.

Available as discrete solutions or as a critical component in the Store Platform, CAE provides easy to manage next generation wireless technology, to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, to deliver superior performance, enhanced efficiency and optimised capacity. As well as benefiting your customers, this streamlines operations, improving staff productivity and maximising revenue.


CAE’s analytics solutions provide you with an efficient, centralised way to rationalise large quantities of data, and are included in CAE’s Store Platform for clear visibility and valuable insights, ensuring that both your infrastructure and business are running optimally. Rich retail analytics include simple footfall statistics through to motion heat maps, conversion rates, bounce rates and more, for every store across your entire estate.

Location analytics, real time statistics and device information can be used to further improve the customer experience, and data can be extracted. The Store Platform is industry standard based so you can integrate with existing retail-focused applications.

Technical level analytics provide complete control of the Store Platform, for example preventing wireless bottlenecks. Available through a customised dashboard, additional aggregated data reports offer actionable insights for improved business efficiency.

Camera as a Sensor

Whether used alone or included in the Store Platform to offer valuable business insights along with reliable in-store security, powerful onboard processors and computer vision applications allow the bandwidth conscious cameras to act as an IoT sensor, seeing and recording what’s happening in front of them. By analysing and interpreting images, the cameras can trigger events or outcomes based on defined parameters – all customised to fit your specific business requirements.

The Store Platform drives more value out of your cameras and removes the need for people to make sense of the data available. Multiple use cases range from motion heat maps to next generation footfall demographics, monitoring effectiveness of displays, age and gender identification for hyper-personalised marketing, and object detection for gap scanning and loss prevention. All the data is then presented in a simple dashboard that allows you to securely monitor and manage your stores from anywhere.


Rigorous multi-layer security solutions across all stores, warehouses and offices is essential to prevent financial loss, reputational damage and costly downtime.

CAE’s security solutions are included in the Store Platform, featuring comprehensive security integrated across every layer of your network. From cloud-delivered edge security to intrusion prevention and malware detection, powerful, rigorous and automated security is applied to protect your business in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Offering widescale compliance and a single, uniform standardised setup across every store, security settings can be synchronised throughout the entire estate by utilising configuration templates. These can be centrally managed through an intuitive dashboard, and changes can be pushed out quickly and effectively once stores are in the desired state.

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