”How can we speed up time to market and the adoption of new business models?”

As an operator in one of the fastest moving industries, retail, you must adapt to market pressures in order to thrive, or even survive.

As margins continue to be squeezed and new entrants continue to drive innovation and change, bricks and mortar you must stay ahead of the competition to retain market share.

Traditional retail business models are changing, and your customers’ expectations are increasing. You need to be agile and react to changes fast to bring new business strategies to life, and be prepared to adapt and drive innovation rather than reacting passively to change.

With in-store digital transformation projects potentially taking months – or years – to deploy, keeping up with the increasing pace of change has often been high risk in terms of IT investment. CAE’s Store Platform allows your business models to be adapted fast, reducing response time, lowering costs, maximising value and enabling speed of deployment across your entire network of sites, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Speed to Market
Bringing new products to market quickly, efficiently and at the speed of market trends is essential to stay ahead of your competitors. Responding rapidly to market pressures and seizing new opportunities requires you to have adaptability and flexibility to roll out change at pace and scale.

CAE’s Store Platform speeds your time to market.
Fail Fast and Pivot
CAE’s Store Platform gives your business the agility required to roll out business model changes at pace, and roll them back or change direction quickly and easily. Providing easier and more scalable experimentation, ‘test and learn’ processes can be run within live store environments instead of the static safety of a retail lab, and can quickly revert or adapt with minimal disruption, reducing project risk and potential failure costs.
Time to Value
‘Time to Value’ is a critical measure of success for your IT projects, proving that the technology is delivering measurable results. With an integrated platform, project setup time can be reduced from years to months, improving your business responsiveness and, crucially, allowing new ideas to be tested and implemented at lower cost with minimal downtime.
Future Proofing
Improving your ability to react in the fast-moving retail marketplace, CAE can provide a stable, agile, flexible and cost-effective platform to support datadriven decision making on emerging opportunities, allowing you to quickly and confidently adapt business models to experiment with entering new markets and territories. The adaptable technology model supports faster market responsiveness, rapid deployment and delivery, and unparalleled speed and agility, allowing you to drive innovation.

”How can we use consumer data to engage with customers more effectively?”

You recognise that consumer data represents an opportunity but you need to maximise the full potential of what’s on offer.

You have access to an abundance of new and potentially invaluable customer data across multiple channels and devices. Simply collecting and analysing this explosion of shopper data is just the start – you need to recognise that this data represents an opportunity, and actively generate it to drive business value – correctly done it can increase basket value.

Almost every customer entering a retail store is carrying a smart device, and two popular and effective ways to engage with a customer’s smartphone are with a mobile app that can facilitate a fast and contactless purchase process, or by leveraging the in-store Wi-Fi network. With 5G and Wi-Fi 6 now becoming mainstream they can ensure an enhanced customer experience.

Customer Analytics
CAE’s Store Platform works seamlessly with 3rd party technologies, which can be added and deployed at pace and scale. By encouraging customers to log on to the Wi-Fi network and share their credentials, you can see when individual customers enter your store, along with their movements and dwell time. Consumer metrics and marketing intelligence are captured while promotional messages are delivered, improving customer engagement and loyalty, which in turn increases revenue.
CAE’s Store Platform enables you to combine in-store behavioural data with sales data sources such as credit or debit card payments, loyalty cards and CRM systems, so your business is able to build detailed consumer profiles. This allows you to offer uniquely relevant, tailored and targeted marketing, and a truly personalised customer experience.
Storefront Conversion
While in-store Wi-Fi logins are a rich source of customer analytics, CAE’s Store Platform can harvest anonymous customer data from smart devices in and around your stores to deliver insights into merchandising and shopping behaviour. Your merchandisers can assess the success of every area of the store by analysing customer journeys, from whether the window display encourages people to enter the store, to identifying under-utilised aisles.

“How do we increase productivity and efficiency without increasing resources?”

As you’re faced with shrinking margins, increasing competitive pressures and digital disruption, your attention needs to remain focused on achieving more with the available resources, increasing store and workforce productivity, and reducing cost to serve.

In a rapidly evolving market, data no longer simply reports history. Instead, it informs decision making, driving your business to adapt and adjust processes and systems to remain competitive and profitable in the long term.

CAE’s technology and analytics deliver actionable data and new business insights that enable your workforce to improve productivity and increase efficiency to drive greater value.

Queue Busting
Reducing or eliminating customer queues is essential for a positive customer experience, and failing to predict customer peaks can result in abandoned purchases, loss of revenue and damaged loyalty. CAE’s Store Platform provides accurate, real time customer metrics, so you can better predict customer peaks and troughs, and adapt staff numbers and allocation. Your teams can be alerted within the store to assist with growing queues, or to identify areas of the store with large numbers of customers who may require assistance.
Store Layout
Using device location analytics or heat mapping, CAE’s Store Platform can allow you to track the route of customers around your stores and establish dwell times in individual aisles, providing valuable insights into store layout and display areas attracting particularly high or low footfall, or browsers failing to convert into sales. You can use these unique insights on how each store operates to reposition stock or make the store layout more efficient, adjusting the route of customer journeys.
Stock Replenishment
CAE Store Platform’s in-store technology can be used to enhance and streamline operational processes, keeping shelves restocked and key displays up to date. Intelligent cameras offer gap scanning capabilities linked to inventory systems, delivering real time stock replenishment alerts and information to staff, optimising stock availability and movement in fast-paced retail settings.

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