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Intelligent video surveillance is a powerful HR tool, not only protecting staff but providing real-time analytics and business information to optimise staff resourcing.

The use of heat maps and checkout metrics can offer insights into the most effective staff allocation and distribution across time periods and retail areas to minimise customer waiting and checkout abandonment.

Simple, secure and without the need for additional dedicated infrastructure, plug and play cameras offer real-time intelligence and business information through remote access, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) or incident resolution.

Health and safety applications include PPE and unsafe behaviour detection, along with hazard identification such as floor spillages.

Occupancy counts are being used for fire drills, building evacuations and insurance compliance, and the cameras can be used to supplement or eliminate the use of fobs and IDs for access control.

Along with retail store applications, the security cameras are ideal for analysing warehouse activity to identify an optimal layout and reduce picking times, and the object detection feature can track and record car park activity and space usage.

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