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The Store Platform, built upon a Cisco Merkai foundation, is designed to enable CAE’s retail customers to respond to industry changes and challenges at scale and speed. We have taken all of the foundational elements of a store infrastructure and built an architecture that enables rapid change, deep customer insights, and hyper customer personalization.

The central elements are the component parts of a store network, and when tightly integrated, they become one piece of infrastructure which is easily managed, rather than multiple, component parts. This makes it much easier to manage, view and change. All of the component parts are interdependent and if you need to make change, you can simply make the changes across the whole stack across hundreds and thousands of sites in seconds through automation and service orchestration.

The key pieces of the infrastructure that enable you to drive down costs and increase revenue by engaging customers are at the network edge, specifically wireless and cameras (IOT). These sensors can be used to send alerts to customers to increase their basket size, but also to staff to reduce store costs, all from a central management point.

CAE recently installed IOT sensors in a store of a luxury retailer to check temperature, leaks & spillages etc. The result for the store is that you’re not waiting for the disaster to happen, but you detect issues at a point where you can do something about them – proactive detection and response.

The wireless and the cameras specifically give you visibility to observe what happens in-store, remotely. You are able to make more profitable decisions from anywhere due to the business insights gleaned.

Take the next step by challenging us to solve some of your highest priority store or business challenges with the use of these innovative technologies.

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