CAE – Retail – Real Time Engagement App

These applications enable CAE customer to engage with customers in real time.

We have a solution that enables:

  1. Onboard customers on to the wireless: gives the brand a unique customer identifier
  2. Store those customer details and cross reference with existing data sets
  3. Wireless will auto-connect customer on every visit so that we automatically know when and where they have auto-connected.

Through the use of our rules engine, we can recognise our customers on their store visit. We can mine data sets such as repeat visits, customer behaviours, how long they spent in the venue, where in the venue they went including dwell time, and how they navigated the space on each visit. We can then segment the data and start to build customer profiles that enable us to send messages to influence their behaviour and experience.

If your brand has developed an app, we can insert a Software Development Kit (SDK) into the app, which enables us to track app users within the store environment. This presents another way of tracking people inside your venue by using your app.

The app can be used to push notifications in real-time to highlight offers of products and services whilst in store.

By stitching your different different data sets together, we can personalise your end-to-end customer journey and build customer profiles.

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