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CAE are designing and building apps that create the opportunity for automation and service orchestration.

We have built a collection of apps that work across both Cisco and Meraki platforms that enable the tasks and processes carried out by retail IT teams to be reduced in terms of time spent and the risk associated in completing those tasks and processes. Ultimately there is a reduction in both overhead time and people time, along with a massive reduction in risk and cost.

You no longer need to place people on site and in stores make changes to your devices, which typically takes days, weeks or months depending on the size of the store estate. In utilising the tools provided in the CAE App Store, we can automate the change in seconds, from anywhere.

Not only is this process far more efficient, but the risk is reduced because you’re templating what you’re doing.

Before CAE resolved the issue, a well-known retailer made a change on their network which took 500 stores down for 7 hours due to a mistake made during the change process. There were lots of interdependencies, and ultimately this resulted in card payments being prevented and the outcome was several millions of pounds of lost revenue.

Combinations of CAE apps reduce the risks associated with change.

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