The Wellcome Sanger Institute

Solution strengthens microscopy research for Wellcome Sanger Institute

What was the challenge?

  • Extra storage needed for a cutting-edge scientific platform that had to bescaled easily
  • Speed of deployment was key to being able to support important new research contracts
  • The contract needed to be commercially astute and help the not-for-profit Institute as it worked towards an enterprise-grade IT strategy


The Wellcome Sanger Institute is one of the world’s premier centres of research into the role of genomics and genetics in health and disease. It employs around 1550 staff and has a vast datacentre at its campus at Hinxton, near Cambridge.

Much of its research is in collaboration with other organisations, leading to scientific progress and transformative healthcare in the fields of cancer, parasites and cellular genetics.

A new opportunity arose for the organisation to push the boundaries in electron microscopy and individual cell imaging.

However, this required a significant increase in storage. This had to be delivered quickly and cost-effectively, so the Institute could deliver on important projects and scale its new platform easily over time.