Northamptonshire Police

Video conferencing boosts agility for Northamptonshire Police.

What was the challenge?

  • Northamptonshire Police needed a faster, better way for handling briefings and decisions
  • Staff travel across a huge rural area was eating into valuable time and budget
  • A secure collaboration solution was needed that would work easily for everyone connection


As a small force covering a large rural area of the UK, Northamptonshire Police needed a way to use its resources more effectively to solve crime and keep its community safe.

Key intelligence needed sharing and critical decisions had to be made throughout each day. However, face-to-face meetings were consuming precious time and money.

Northamptonshire knew video conferencing was the answer: a solution allowing the Force to make full use of its existing Cisco communications platform. This could be shared easily with neighbouring forces in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and would offer significant additional benefits.