The Co-op

Retail overhaul at The Co-op delivers convenience and customer service

What was the challenge?

In an increasingly competitive market, the Co-op aspired to evolve from a local convenience offering to a ‘hub of the community’. By providing services to complement their convenience stores, the Co-op sought a more sustainable proposition to improve margins and set them apart from new and existing competitors.

From an IT point of view they wanted a simplified and converged store architecture that would reduce business and store risk and increase the potential pace of business change.


The pivotal outcome was the delivery of a store ‘platform’ on which the whole business could bring about change at speed and scale, giving the Co-op the foundations to unleash its vast potential.

In business terms, the store ‘platform’ gives the Co-op a faster time to market with new business models, provides increased access to customer data and ability to action insights, and allows easier improvements to store productivity and efficiency.

From a technology perspective, the store ‘platform’ was delivered 3 months ahead of schedule, which halved the professional services investment. And by leveraging the APIs from the Meraki platform to build unique automation software,

Co-op’s technology partner accelerated the time to value. The significant savings were handed back to Co-op as part of the value creation programme.