CAE Hemel Hempstead HQ

The building was purchased in April 2020 and has undergone a radical redesign and refurbishment to meet the needs of the CAE workforce for the post-pandemic environment

November 1st 2021

Infrastructure technology solutions provider CAE Technology Services has launched its new Global HQ and warehouse facility following a 18 month redesign and refurbishment process. The new HQ integrates the very latest technology to drive efficiency, robustness, and sustainability while at the same time providing a safe, welcoming and extremely flexible workspace.

The multi-million-pound project, in which Hertfordshire based business Woodhouse Ltd led both the design and build, covers some 30,000 square foot, and will regularly host about a third of the company plus more for events.

Commenting on the opening of the new CAE HQ, CEO Justin Harling said, “Even though it was a challenging situation, the decision to look for a new property was taken before the pandemic really hit. Simply put, there were compelling reasons to look for more space for both staff and critical business infrastructure that were not going away.  Ultimately the decision to complete was taken because it was in the best long-term interest of CAE.

“Crucially we waited until we had a better understanding of the impact of the pandemic on the future way of working ahead of finalising both the design and build schedule. By delaying those decisions, we have been able to design the new HQ to make it an efficient, safe, inspiring and welcoming place to work.

“We wanted the new HQ to be somewhere to call home and ensure that it generated a feeling that reinforces the culture, inclusivity and positivity that is at the heart of CAE.  From providing multiple ways of working, to fully customer facing with rooms to host, present, and hold significant events and allow for more space in vital logistics areas of the warehouse and configuration, the new CAE HQ marks a significant step forward in the way that the company operates,” continued Harling.

“We have also invested heavily in sustainability technology, fitting hundreds of solar panels on the roof, efficient lighting and air circulation and 10 electric charging points.

“Finally, as always with CAE, our staff and our partners come first. We now have space to support modern working including a recording studio, prayer room. wellness space, games room and the most amazing staircase-based amphitheatre for company meetings. All these steps will better support collaboration through impromptu chats as well as planned meeting time. Collectively we can promote better mental health, as we all can socialise and check on each other proactively, which is incredibly important. We are all thrilled with the way the new HQ looks and feels and very excited about driving the business forward from our new home,” concluded Harling.


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