How can we simplify and scale network operations?

Business growth leads to network growth. A bigger network often means more complexity. So, with every device, user, location and workload you add, you’re asking more of your network – and your network manager.

To keep your business agile and efficient, you need a network that’s easy to scale and simple to manage.

Software-defined technologies simplify the network

Setting up an SDN requires expert knowledge, but once deployed it offers simple operations and scalability. This simplicity can make your business more agile and provide significant savings in management time and cost. Want to know more about building a simple, scalable network to meet your own business needs?

How do we build the right wireless network for our business?

Wi-Fi feels ubiquitous and simple, but as a businesses there is a lot to consider when building your own wireless networks.

Yes, wireless can give teams more flexibility and improve productivity, but it also introduces security risks. And if your wireless network isn’t reliable, easy to manage, and ready to scale with your business, you may have made the wrong investment.

Assess your wireless networking needs

What are your user, device and data needs? How can you make wireless really add value to your business – such as by supporting IoT, hyperlocating devices, or staying reliable even in high-density environments? These are just some of the planning and technology questions you need to answer. Having an expert partner is useful if you want to carry out a thorough assessment and plan the right solution for your business.

How should we deal with network security risks?

We all know cybersecurity risk is growing. You need practical solutions and the right support to deal with these risks and protect your business. Start here for answers to your network security challenges. Network security encompasses many different kinds of threat. Each needs to be addressed by a specific technology solution.

Understand that effective security needs a multi-layer approach

For starters, you need to control which users and devices can use the network, and which are locked out with network access control. You need the right response to cyberattacks, plus effective ways to predict and prevent them. You need protection from viruses and malware. Your users need protection from themselves in a world of phishing emails and malicious sites. Network security shouldn’t be overwhelming when you work hand-in-hand with the right partner.

How can we ensure our network can handle the demands of cloud

Cloud is about value and flexibility. You choose the best mix of services for your workloads, and you gain huge scalability with no upfront investment. Except it’s not always that simple. Because unless your network is built for multi-cloud, you’ll soon find managing split workloads and data rather tricky.

Here’s how you can solve multi-cloud networking.

Understand that effective security needs a multi-layer approach

Connecting to multiple cloud services can increase network complexity and brings performance and resilience challenges to the network. Each cloud provider has multiple ways of connecting to your network through several connection models and network constructs. Trying to fathom the right approach seems simple enough, until you take into consideration your future needs and the future plans of cloud providers, which is when an expert can bring real value.

How can we utilise data with network analytics?

When you understand how your network is really used – its busiest times of day, its most frequent issues, and so on – you can optimise performance, analyse trends to predict and avoid issues, detect anomalies and reduce management effort. That’s network analytics, and businesses of all sizes are using it to extract valuable insights about their network traffic. Here’s how.

Understand what network analytics can do for your business

Today’s network analytics also use machine learning and artificial intelligence to constantly update the model it compares data against. This means the network can learn from its experiences to respond to things like security threats, demand spikes and overall better user experiences. With the right partner it could cut the daily, stressful fire-fighting your network teams have to undertake.

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