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Policy-driven energy management for sustainable schools.

Reduce energy waste and save costs

Save energy, significantly reduce your expenditure and comply with DfE standards on sustainability. WiserWatts from CAE Labs is a policy-driven energy management solution that can be set up in minutes. Already helping hundreds of schools and colleges to cut their network-based energy usage by up to 60%.

Energy management for IT

WiserWatts from CAE Labs, designed for use with Cisco and Meraki products, can help you significantly reduce energy waste and run an energy-efficient network. ByCAE Labs icons_WiserWatts implementing simple energy management policies to ensure that the power is only on when network services are needed.

WiserWatts can help schools and colleges to drastically reduce their energy usage, all while retaining the same level of service and functionality when network access is required during core hours.

Download our whitepaper today and find out how you can start reducing costs and energy waste for your school or college. 

Download our whitepaper