Framework Manager

We are recruiting for a Framework Manager.

The primary purpose of the Framework Manager role is the management of external frameworks, to ensure that CAE is on all the appropriate frameworks, those frameworks are managed efficiently, and any partner-led opportunities via frameworks are monitored and reported upon.


Key Responsibilities and Duties

CAE has successfully attained positions on a number of government and regional frameworks, so this is a new role within CAE, and an opportunity for a keen individual to come in and make this role their own. Once the role has been established and workload of the role assessed, there may be the opportunity to recruit a Framework Coordinator.


As the Framework Manager, you will be the lead point of contact for enquiries and the use of external (predominantly Public Sector) frameworks within CAE. You will also be our first point of contact for future framework opportunities from our customers, external framework providers and framework partners.


Your key responsibilities will be to:

  • distribute received framework opportunities to the relevant Salesperson, for direct frameworks and via framework partners
    • for opportunities against non-target accounts, these will be handled by you to make bid/no bid decisions and respond as ‘the business’
  • track and monitor all framework opportunities (using SalesForce)
  • maintain data and information on all relevant frameworks (direct and in-direct)
  • deliver management reporting requirements under frameworks, including completing monthly reports, KPI reports and compiling management information (MI) as per audit requirements
  • attend periodic review meetings with the framework bodies, as per the framework requirements
  • track competitor activity and success rates under relevant frameworks
  • assess which frameworks we should be targeting once their renewals are due, by working with Sales for new ones / ones we’re not on, and internal data for existing ones
  • provide justification to bid on new / existing frameworks (once up for renewal) using above MI; working with Sales and an allocated Bid Manager to bid
  • work with Sales and Marketing to promote new frameworks
  • ensure all portal information relevant to the frameworks are maintained, including associated audits and questionnaires for subscriptions (e.g. Achilles UVDB)
  • provide guidance on which framework should be used for which type of customer and opportunity, including occasional guidance to customers directly (may include meetings with customers)


For opportunities where we are not on the framework directly, your responsibilities will be to:

  • maintain a relationship with our approved framework partners, including sourcing new ones if required, and work with Legal to ensure there are contracts in place to support this
  • liaise with our approved framework partners to ensure we can bid opportunities via them
  • ensure SalesForce is maintained with the relevant framework and framework partner information (to aid with the MI provided to justify bidding on new frameworks)


‘Frameworks’ may include:

  • Public Sector frameworks (e.g. Crown Commercial Service’s frameworks)
  • Commercial frameworks/subscriptions (e.g. Achilles UVDB, Sodexo)



Knowledge & Experience


  • 3+ years’ experience of specifically managing frameworks or 5+years’ experience of managing frameworks as part of a bid management role
  • An excellent understanding of Public Sector frameworks (including Crown Commercial Services)
  • Experience of providing Sales with framework route-to-market advice
  • Ability to work under pressure and to set monthly deadlines
  • Strong key stakeholder management, including up to CxO-level and external
  • Strong time management and organisational skills
  • High standards of written and verbal communication
  • Highly experienced in Microsoft Office




  • Experience of providing customers with framework route-to-market advice
  • Ability to deliver presentations internally and externally
  • Sound commercial understanding and risk management skills
  • Understanding of the reseller markets pricing models
  • Knowledge of framework/category managers at the various procurement organisations
  • A detailed understanding of bid management
  • Understanding of the provision of management information to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Understanding of SalesForce



Qualifications & Training


  • APMP Foundation Certification
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