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Simplified security for a resilient business


Simplifying your cybersecurity

Cybersecurity teams are increasingly under pressure. With advancing threats and ever-changing attack surface, the right security approach should simplify your response and eases the stress.

Cisco XDR is a cloud-native extended detection and response (XDR) solution. Creating peace of mind through detecting, prioritising and remediating threats more efficiently by achieving security resilience for your business. 

Watch our Senior Security Solutions Architect, Anthony Owen showcase the XDR demo:


With Cisco XDR, your business will:

  • Detect even the most advanced threats throughout your entire IT landscape, enriched with incidents, asset insights and threat intelligence.

  • Prioritise threats by streamlining investigations and only act on what really matters.

  • Increase productivity by removing the noise and repetitive tasks with automation - boosting your internal team.

  • Builds resilience with actionable data and intelligence, closing the security gaps.

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