Cyber Security consultant (Palo Alto)

The primary role of this position is to drive the adoption of CAE’s Cyber security review both internally and externally. Based upon the SLR, the Cyber security review is a CAE service offer that involves the interpretation of SLR data to collate both technical and business relevant outputs, before presenting the findings to customers alongside sales.

As well as the Cyber security review, the resource shall work with the CSO, CTO, Head of Presales and Technical Architects to deliver Palo Alto specific services that have the goal of driving new Palo Alto opportunity. This is currently under development and will continue to evolve, but is expected to include services around BPA as well as investigation into CAE’s existing install base to identify opportunities for growth and expansion into other areas of the Palo Alto portfolio.

The role will also be key in developing understanding of new Palo Alto technology offers and services. Helping to drive knowledge of these within both CAE and its customers.

The main duties and responsibilities of the role shall include:

  • Drive adoption of the CAE Cyber security review both internally and externally (internal training, customer calls etc)
  • Active involvement in the content and evolution of the CAE Cyber security review service
  • Ownership of the CAE Cyber security output to customers and sales
  • Delivery of the CAE Cyber security output to customers
  • Delivery of new services created by CAE based upon Palo Alto technologies (BPA etc)
  • Input into new services to be created to drive Palo Alto opportunity
  • Investigate existing Palo Alto install base to identify opportunities for expansion and growth
  • Work with customers to ensure they adopt the Palo Alto services they purchase
  • Attendance to Palo Alto events to develop and maintain product and service knowledge
  • Advocate CAE and its service to Palo Alto sales team to drive understanding of the value CAE can deliver to not only customers, but Palo Alto themselves
  • Deploy Palo Alto Firewalls for SLR purposes, whilst we anticipate this shall be done by other resources, there may be a need to deploy and own the engagement end to end.

Qualifications and Knowledge:

  • Palo Alto certification required, the exact level of which to be determined by experience
  • Working knowledge of SLR and the outputs generated
  • A full understanding of the Palo Alto Security Operating Platform and Zero Trust approach
  • In this role you will need to be outgoing, highly organised, disciplined and adaptable with excellent communication skills. You are leading the engagement, so a service led approach is a must.

In addition to this you must:

  • Be able to communicate at all levels of an organisation to CTO level
  • Be able to adapt your communication style to the audience you are presented with
  • Demonstrate the ability to build cross-departmental relationships (sales, managed services, PMO etc.)
  • Be able to work equally as part of a team or alone depending on the engagement type with a client
  • Be passionate about the technology and able to demonstrate that passion to our customers
  • Be able to work to deadlines
  • Be confident and approachable
  • Have a personal development mentality and be willing to cross-skill to meet customer and market demands


The role would suit someone who has experience of working with Palo Alto technologies in a pre-sales environment or a post sales resource looking to grow their customer facing exposure.

You must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and able to articulate technical considerations into business considerations.

Experience of working within the IT reseller industry would be strongly advantageous.

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