CAE, Dell Technologies and Projective formed a partnership to help creative agencies improve their video production process.

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others.

We strive to build long term relationships and dedicate the time to understand your requirements.

Our people – our IT and creative experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

CAE Technology Services

Brings the solution together.

At CAE we are responsible for scoping the project, delivering the technology, ensuring the successful adoption and the realisation of outcomes in addition to providing support throughout the lifecycle.

Dell Technologies

Provides the foundation to the solution

Dell EMC provides a foundation for storytelling with high-performance storage offering secure collaboration, modular expansion options, flexible consumption models and easy integration with cloud, all with management tools spanning multiple platforms.


Making creative lives easier.

Projective is dedicated to revolutionizing how content production happens within creative agencies. By focusing on the creative user and providing innovative technical solutions to production storage problems, Projective offers a fundamentally different approach to production storage and editing projects. 

Talk to our Experts

When it comes to simplifying the video production process in creative agencies we’ve got it covered.

Our team of experts is here to guide both IT and Creative teams along this path.