Adapting to new working conditions for the future means that creative agencies are investing now to equip production teams (editors, visual effects etc.) with greater flexibility to work remotely and from home at lightening quick speed, with no performance degradation. 

For many agencies their legacy infrastructure simply cannot support the type of compressed and uncompressed data workflows or equip businesses to grow or adapt quickly.

”How can we collaborate securely and effectively remotely?”

Production teams need the flexibility to work remotely and from home at lightening quick speed, with no performance degradation.

The teams need to work together from different locations with differing bandwidths and they need to easily find, share and access the same files, securely and quickly.

Creative Agility gives you the ability to work from anywhere, it will improve your performance and effectiveness.

Creative Agility gives you the optimum infrastructure and software combination, so you can work independently or collaborate, no matter where you are, in the office, at home or on the moon and even if you have limited bandwidth.

”How can we get our storage to work in a way we can be hands-off?”

As the production teams grow or workloads increase, legacy scale-up storage systems are time consuming and difficult to grow. 

They simply cannot fully support the type of compressed and uncompressed data workflows or equip production teams to adapt quickly.

With Creative Agility you can easily scale out your storage systems – it’s not going to be a burden on your resources!

Moving to modern scale-out storage with Creative Agility offers agencies a powerful, yet simple way to install, upgrade, manage data storage systems.

Adding new nodes to existing storage to scale capacity and performance takes minutes.

The key thing though, is you never need to migrate your data again.

“If we work remotely can our projects still be as secure as in the office?”

Data and media are the crown jewels of any creative agency. 

Moving out of the four walls of an office to work from a whole host of differing locations can pose a security challenge.  

When clients invest a lot of money, time and energy it imperative that the IP is secure.  Knowing its protected at all times is one less headache for IT, client and production teams alike.

Creative Agility allows the organisation to be in control of their media.

With Creative Agility, storage access rights are driven automatically based on each users project permissions.

This means that database and storage access is controlled from one central spot and on demand. We use editing proxies which are structurally equivalent to the original content making for a fast and efficient remote editing experience!

It can also leverage your existing LDAP or Active Directory services for authentication.

“Is there a way we can better integrate the different production tools the team uses?”

Integrating multiple platforms into a single interface gives production teams everything they need at their fingertips without having to leave working windows.

Creative Agility integrates has been designed with creators in mind.

Share projects and assets between different applications including Adobe Premier Pro CC, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer and communications tools like Slack.

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