Agility Intelligence


Keeping track of your Cisco network inventory, end of life dates, hardware and software alerts can be time consuming and complicated. We’ve developed the Agility Intelligence service to help you understand exactly what’s on your network, identify potential vulnerabilities and prevent unexpected problems.

By remotely collecting network data then analysing and presenting it in a clear, easy to read format, Agility Intelligence can help you maintain, support and plan your Cisco infrastructure while minimising downtime and business operation interruptions.

This service provides accurate and up to date network information which can be used for:

  • Budget planning/management– Regular reviews highlight hardware and software that is going EOL and should be decommissioned, de-risked or replaced.
  • Vulnerability management– The report identifies published vulnerabilities that apply to your estate which can then be remediated for improved risk management.
  • Demonstrate official support coverage– Your information is analysed by Cisco and shows exactly what is covered to prevent problems when raising support tickets.
  • Simple high-level management dashboard – The reports provide an easy to digest pictorial snap-shot of the current estate which can be used to simply communicate strategic information.

Quick and straightforward to remotely install and monitor, we recommend the use of the Agility Intelligence service to all organisations with a Cisco network.

Customer Testimonial

“KCC greatly benefit from CAE’s Agility Intelligence and the reports it provides on a regular basis. It’s critical to have an insight into the network hardware and software that we support and manage, and Agility Intelligence reports both on the lifecycle and more importantly what active live kit isn’t under support and maintenance.  As it’s all presented visually, it’s easy to pass onto my Senior Management Team to help them plan and build their budgets for future roadmaps of kit requiring replacement. Agility Intelligence also helps give an insight into all security vulnerabilities on our devices, which we can then address quickly and efficiently.”

Ricky Sahni
Networks and Security Manager
Cantium Solutions


Agility Intelligence

Why hesitate?  Enquire today about Agility Intelligence.  Its discoveries are likely to surprise you.

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